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The Bellevue Underground Mine is a designated Alberta historical site located in Bellevue, Crowsnest Pass, Alberta.


The Bellevue Underground Mine offers seasonal underground mine tours that take groups of up to 20 people, 1,000 feet into the mine, 150 feet below the surface. Led by expert Heritage Interpreters, guests explore the mine's inner-workings while learning about the rich local underground mining history and the lives of early coal miners'.

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The Crowsnest Museum, located in the downtown Coleman National Historic Site of Canada, resides in the original Coleman High School, built in 1936.


Exhibit spaces and rooms highlight the daily lives of Crowsnest Pass and its people, celebrating both the triumph and tragedy of the area, from rum running to tragic explosions, we encourage visitors to learn about the unique industrial history, exciting criminal ties, and explore the unforgettable landscape.

The Alberta Provincial Police Barracks is the location of the murder of Constable Steven Lawson by Emilio Picariello and Florence 'Filumena' Losandro. The APP Barracks are located just down the road from the Crowsnest Museum.

Explore the 'Scene of the Crime' where Lawson lived, worked and was killed. Journey through Alberta's prohibition history, and decide for yourself "who done it" at the scene of Canada's most infamous rum running murder.

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