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Where We Came From

Heritage Crowsnest is a conglomerate of any non-profit organizations who want to partner to be a “leader in and catalyst for heritage in Crowsnest Pass.”

In the fall of 2020 the two found partner organizations of Heritage Crowsnest established a plan and steering committee to see the development and implementation of Heritage Crowsnest. Over the course of 18 months the groups worked diligently to create a solid, sustainable, and vibrant organization that can lead heritage in Crowsnest Pass to new and bigger places.

The work culminated in 2022, and Heritage Crowsnest officially came into form, but we always remember where we came from.

Partner Organizations

Crowsnest Historical Society

Crowsnest Pass EcoMuseum
Trust Society

The Crowsnest Historical Society was formed in 1973 by a group of concerned citizens who recognized the need to preserve the unique cultural history of the Crowsnest Pass which was quickly disappearing. Over the next decade those dedicated volunteers banded together to start the Museum, publish the local history and help educate the community and visitors about the Pass. The Museum was officially opened in 1985 and has served the community ever since.

The Crowsnest Pass EcoMuseum Trust Society is a not for profit, incorporated, registered charity under the Societies Act of Alberta. The organization was established in 1986, with its main project being the Bellevue Underground Mine. 

In 1990 the EcoMuseum opened the re-timbered first 300 meters of the underground mine. The Bellevue Mine Tunnel is now a designated Alberta Historical Site.

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